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G3 OEM solutions

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) solutions of G3 are given to those clients who needs a taylor-made product , designed according to the client’s desires and at the same time keys in hand. G3 offers its experience and it’s know how in designing and manufacturing hydronic products both for heating and cooling systems, as well as devices destined to be applied in systems using renewable energies like solar systems and geothermal systems.

The first step of G3 OEM services is the analysis of the client’s needs followed by a specific technical study  which will be the  starting point in designing the product.  Once the analytical part is done, the production process starts, the final product is carefully assembled and tested. G3 OEM products are secure, functional and long-lasting. G3 manufacturing process is carried out by skilled and experienced artisan, who are able to produce high quality, reliable products still remaining competitive.

G3 offers security, precision and fast delivery to his clients, who need specific part to be used in their final product, or equipment and devices to be affixed with the client’s brand.

In our OEM catalogue you can find:

Tailor made kit for any boiler,

Tailor made distribution manifold,

Tailor made hydraulic separators,

Thermal insulation for pipes,

Check Valves ,

Security and controll accessories,

Tailor made hydraulic solutions.

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