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Heating Plants Modular Systems

G3’s modular hydraulic  system of higher pipes diameter are designed to be used in heating plants. They are designed to be connected to various types of heating generators or chilled water as well as for condensing boilers, heating  pumps and boilers bio mass. With its high flexibility in their composition G3 modular hydraulic systems can be combined with condensing or traditional boiler, moreover they can be installed with a vertical hydraulic separator  already equipped with removable filter system and air separator, heating  pump inverter, using inertial storage or directly connected to accumulate inertial powered by biomass boilers or solar thermal systems.

Modular hydraulic systems for heating plants are endowed with vertical hydraulic  separator with removable dirt separator filter integrated on the system’s backflow and air vent with microstretch network.

This separator can be paired with CS 80 or CS 125 manifold, according to the specifics of the heating plants it can be installed on the left or on the right.

Vertical hydraulic separator for heating plants is  completed with:

  •  chamber  Ø  2” 1/2 (DN65)
  • Rated flow rate 3 m³/h, Max flow rate 4,5 m³/h
  • side boiler connections Ø1″ F;
  • Removable dirt separator filter (reduce load losses)
  • Automatic air vent with microstretch network in stainless steel
  • Side system connections with flat sealing ring Ø1″1/2
  • Exhaust valve Ø1/2″

– Automatic vent valve and vent connection

-insulation shells in PE 20 mm thickness.

Buffer tank has the following characteristics:

  • Fully equipped with preassembled exhaust valve Ø 1/2″, automatic purge valve, stopcock, manometer and security valve 3 bar.
  • Black, scratchproof Insulation shell;
  • Connections Ø1″M,  wheelbase  for distribution manifols CS: 90 mm;
  • More connections available on demand;
  • With wall support brackets
  • Accumulation capacity 45 L