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2.3 Ecquicoll


Vertical hydraulic separator designed for heating systems ,made in stainless steel SAE 304, steel with side plant and side boiler Ø1″F, insulation pan and automatic vent valve intersecting load/unload valve.



Main technical data:

  • chamber  Ø  1/2 (DN65)
  • generator and implant connections Ø1″ F (DN25);
  • rated flow rate 3 m³/h, Max flow rate 4,5 m³/h
  • side boiler connections Ø1″ F;
  • removable  dirt separator filter (reduce load losses)
  • automatic air vent with microstretch network in stainless steel
  • side system connections
  • exhaust valve Ø1/2″ with rubber handle, cap