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Pre-Assembled Hydraulic Kits

G3 provides compact pre-assembled hydraulic kits extremely adaptable to any kind of heating and cooling systems. These Kits with wheelbase of 80 mm, both for top-down and bottom-up supply flux. Every G3’s pre-assembled hydraulic kit is endowed with a series of accessories that make it complete and efficient. Among these accessories you can find the innovative and patented vertical hydraulic separator with removable filter integrated on the system’s backflow and air vent with microstretch network. Supply and return flow manifold are directly coupled with the distribution groups through a direct or mixed fixed point or with electronic servomotor.
G3 pre-assembled hydraulic kit has been specifically designed have an easy installation, the “plug and play” system allow to save time on the installation as it is fully equipped, pre-assembled and tested. Moreover thanks to the extreme compactness, these devices can be installed both directly to the boiler or in a external box while maintaining efficiency and high standards.

The particular conformation of the G3 separation and distribution manifold, make these kits extremely compact, it can be coupled with any kind of heating generator, and with the special hydraulic separator with automatic vent valve and air trap as long with removable filter.


The Duck compact pre-assembled hydraulic system,  designed for bottom-up delivery flux. Duck is given fully equipped with a vertical hydraulic separator. the distribution groups through a direct or mixed fixed point or with electronic servomotor. Reliable and durable thanks to…Dettagli →


Modular hydraulic systems, intended to be connected to different types of heat generators or  condensation boilers, heating pumps, biomass boilers. With its high flexibility in their composition G3’s mammuth pre-assembled hydraulic kit can be combined with condensing or traditional boiler…Dettagli →


Bag is an extremely economic and essential systems formed by a vertical hydraulic separator completed with one or two pumping systems. Bag is endowed with a metallic box unit. Bag can be complemented on demand, with: N° 1 direct zone…Dettagli →